It includes :

  • Tourist transport with professional drivers, SOAT, environmental music.
  • Entrance to the archaeological zone of Huaycan
  • Visit to the Town of Santa Rosa de Chontay, Nieve Nieve, Sisicaya and Retablo Ayacuchano de Antioquia
  • Visit to the Mirador de Amancaes
  • Visit to Cochahuayco
  • Group coordinator correctly uniformed
  • First aid kit
  • Snack “SUPER TOURS”

Meeting at the agreed pickup point. Leaving from Cieneguilla we will visit the archaeological zone of Huaycán; where we will appreciate its great walls, aqueducts, carved stones in the Inca Cuzco style, the cemetery and as well as its friezes on the walls with animal features and diverse forms. Continuing the tour, we will observe the remains of the existing Inca road in the area, then we will arrive at the town of Nieve Nieve; to learn about its history and name ( Optionally you can eat corn with cheese in the local restaurant). Following our way, we will pass by the town known as Los Malditos de Sisicaya, where we will learn the legend of its origin. We will arrive at Antioquia whose town has been decorated almost entirely with large paintings representing various flowers, plants and birds like doves, so similar to a town out of a story; we will see the Espiritu Santo Colonial Church, Main Square, Julio Cesar Tello School etc. Lunch, dishes based on shrimp, trout, etc. ( Free). In the afternoon we will take a walk to the Mirador de Amancaes, where we will have a panoramic view of the town of Antioquia and its surroundings. Then we will leave for Cochahuayco to see the interesting architecture of its houses and its colonial church from the 17th century. Purchase of local products
Return to the city of Lima.

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