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The route of the Achupalla – “JANAC CHUQUIBAMBA COMMUNITY, LAMAY”

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What to bring

  • Warm clothes for the nights and light for the days.
  • Sun block.
  • Hat.
  • Raincoat (For rainy season).
  • Camera.
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The route of the Achupalla

Villagers from Janac Chuquibamba used to see the Achupalla as a spiny plant that could only be used as fuel for heating homes and cooking. However, after listening to the elders of the community, they found that they could make cups, plates, belts, ropes, bags, wallets - and even found out that the Achupalla is a source of food!



You will be greeted by an amazing community reception with traditional music and beautiful Incan flowers (Kantu).

After the welcoming ceremony, you will begin the activity “The Route of the Achupalla.” In this activity, you will learn the importance of the Achupalla plant for the community of Janaq Chuquibamba; this plant is regarded as a gift from Mother Earth by the members of the community – from it can be made authentic Andean utensils, plates, belts, ropes, bags and wallets – and it is also a source of food! In the Route of the Achupalla activity you will learn the importance of this plant, learn how to make Incan handicrafts out of the Achupalla, walk through pre-Incan ruins on the way to harvest the plant - and, if you desire, try an exotic susacuro pizza (made with a worm that grows in the core of the Achupalla)

Then you will have an amazing traditional lunch made from local ingredients harvested from the fields.


  • Walking activity.
  • Lunch.
  • Tourist guide.
  • Tour starts and ends at the community.
  Not Included
  • Transportation to the community.
  • Tips.

The route of the Achupalla – “JANAC CHUQUIBAMBA COMMUNITY, LAMAY”

Full Day

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