• 01 night accommodation in Hotel del Pueblo.
  • Food: 01 breakfast + 01 lunch + 01 dinner (See option with food) *
  • Group transportation during the whole trip, with music on board, comfortable seats, current SOAT, professional driver.
  • Tours mentioned in the program
  • Campfire in the heights with tasting of the chamis (Adults) and Marshmellows (Children)
  • Guided in Spanish from Lima and local guides (park rangers and trained residents)
  • Welcome coca tea
  • First aid kit
  • Personal attention

02 Days / 01 Night

Departure from various points of Lima and Callao (see authorized points)
We will wake up in the heights of HUANCAYA, surrounded by mountains, listening to the song of the birds. Visit of the PIQUECOCHA lagoon, to appreciate the first landscape of the NOR YAUYOS LANDSCAPE RESERVE. In this place they will explain their myths and legends and we will be able to take the first photographs that will go around the world. Then we will continue towards the town VITIS (city of winds), to make a panoramic visit. Breakfast in Huancaya (On behalf of the passenger). Visit of the MIRADOR of CARHUAYNO, with a view of the VALLEY OF AMPY and QUIRIANO, where we will be able to observe a beautiful panoramic landscape and the waterfalls that bear the same name. Visit of the MIRADOR DE LAGUNA HUALLHUAS, one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Nor Yauyos reserve, where the most courageous can try to get to its banks by going down its 345 steps, which have caused more than one fright in its return (climb steep at 4,600 masl). In trip to VILCA we will appreciate the incomparable beauty of the lagoons of: Las Rosas, Quimacocha, Cajahore, Huachapata, Huancacruz. Also, we can see part of the Pariacaca snow-capped mountains, the Pucachá waterfalls and the Balsacucho colonial platforms. Tour in the town of VILCA, to know its plaza de armas (PLAZA DE LOS MÁRTIRES), the Fujimori house and the Mirador de San Cristobal. Hike to see the very famous FOREST OF LOVE, with its impressive waterfalls in the form of a natural staircase and enjoy the LAGUNA PAPACOCHA. Then we will go down to the valley to visit the CENTENNIAL BRIDGE, made of stones, and the EDEN or Pucachá waterfall. Lunch (On behalf of the passenger). Visit of the Plaza de Armas and HUANCAYA SITE MUSEUM: Where we can admire the cultural and artistic expressions of the inhabitants of the old Yauyos: mummified remains, ceramics, textile art, etc. Transfer to LARAOS to settle in our lodging. Reparatory dinner in order to recover lost strength. Bonfire night with story and story contest.
Very early we will have breakfast. Trekking in the SHUJTO CANYON: Exclusive trekking route in the most beautiful places of Nor Yauyos in the modality of descent by deep canyons, narrow pedestrian paths, surrounded by mountains and Andean vegetation (ichu, queñuales, cactus, medicinal plants , etc.). On the route it is possible to see camelidae grazing or large flocks of sheep going towards the pastures. Our local guides will tell us the different legends, myths and enigmatic facts that have occurred in this area. We can also see the "nests" of the vizcachas on the high rocks and the fox or puma tracks. Tour to the CASCADE DE YUNCALARA: It is another of the most exclusive and requested trekking routes, in which the beautiful waterfall of Yuncalara will be visited and we will be able to enjoy the fresh dew that emanates from its fall of more than 20 meters high . Hike along the route of the CLEAN ASEQUIA: Trekking trail where the activities of the FIESTA DEL AGUA, the main patronal feast of the town of LARAOS in the month of MAY. The path is covered with lots of vegetation and on each curve it reveals new views of the beautiful landscape it hides. Hike through the "EL MAIZAL" ANDES, Exclusive trekking route that will allow us to explore the ancestral blocks of the village that are still cultivated today and whose fruits are corn, potatoes, oca, alfalfa, among other vegetables. The work in this agricultural amphitheater is still done with the chaquitajlla (ancestral utensil of agriculture). A settler will give us the opportunity to use this tool on the platforms. Repairing lunch in Laraos and farewell to this beautiful town. Return via the Lunahuaná highway - Cañete. Wine Tour - Tasting of wines and piscos. Return to Lima. Arrival in Lima.

Gastronomy in Huancaya

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En la capital del Perú encontrarás arte, historia, colores y deliciosos sabores. En este especial full day apreciaremos las famosas ruinas de Pachacamac la cual fue el principal centro ceremonial de la costa peruana desde tiempos anteriores a los incas, posteriormente apreciaremos el show de caballo de paso peruano, donde se demuestran las cualidades y bondades del caballo peruano.
Observaremos sus famosos parques y monumentos y no olvidemos el parque de la reserva de Lima, donde podrán apreciar y disfrutar del circuito mágico del agua que comprende de 13 fuentes de luz y color.

- (Español) FULL DAY


Join us on a cultural tour, learning about the history of Lima Downtown, enrich your knowledge in Larco Museum and get to know the most beautiful landscapes of Miraflores.



A place with history, culture and gastronomy that captivates all adventurers..