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(Due to the current situation and the new measures announced by the Central Government, the face-to-face trip is postponed until further notice)

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Departure from the school to the region of Callao. Arrival to Callao, entrance to the Fortress, beginning of the guided visit to the museum where we will appreciate the different bastions, the structure, of Spanish design, we will begin the visit by the ramp that leads us to the bastion of San Jose (artillery park) bastion of San Carlos (knight of the twelve cannons) house of the governor (last Spanish governor Jose Ramon Rodil) where we will appreciate the room of the capitulations, the evolution of the Peruvian Army and the three flags that Peru had; the hall in homage to the Peruvian woman, bastion of San Felipe (armored car park) the monument to the unknown soldier and replica of the house of the answer; the two towers of the queen and the king, the monument to the patron of the Army Francisco Bolognesi hero of the battle of Arica. We will immerse ourselves in what is "Monumental Callao";, a mixture of ancient baroque architecture with the air of an old port. We will appreciate the variety of works of art on the walls where the whole atmosphere is tinged with colors and designs. The art route begins in the so-called Plaza Matriz. Take time to appreciate the mosaics, graffiti and murals. This paradise of history and nature is at the end of the Callao Peninsula. We will visit the Point where we will have time to cool down and get more information about the War of the Pacific, in addition we will appreciate the train tracks that were part of this important event. Return to the place of departure

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