• Private tourist transport with professional drivers, SOAT, environmental music.
  • Entrance to the Magical Circuit of Waters.
  • Permanent and personalized attention by the Agency Official tourism guide, specialized for places to visit. Correctly uniformed and identified.
  • First aid kit, with basic elements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At Super Tours Peru, we have all the biosafety protocols approved by Minsa so that you can enjoy your journey safely.


Departure to the Historical Center of Lima. We begin the panoramic tour of the main tourist attractions of Lima's Historical Center, where we will see some of the colonial and republican architecture. Some of the places you will visit are the Paseo de los Héroes Navales, the Palace of Justice, Plaza San Martín, Parque Universitario and Plaza de Armas. We will descend into the Church of the Nazarenes, a sanctuary whose main altar is the Holy Image of the Lord of Miracles, painted on a humble wall by a slave in the 17th century. We will have a brief moment for you to enjoy the traditional sweet of this time outside the temple. Later, we will leave downtown Lima and head towards the Magic Water Circuit, a majestic park with 13 cybernetic fountains, where water, music and an impressive game of laser lights mix to provide a wonderful show to its visitors. Here our local guide will take us on a pleasant tour through the park explaining all the history of the place and why it was built. It is important to mention that due to its spectacular fountains the park gained worldwide recognition by obtaining the Guinness record as the largest fountain complex in the Americas containing the highest fountain in the world in a public park. We will go to Huaca Pucllana, millenary legacy of the Lima, Wari and Yschma culture. It was an administrative-ceremonial center, built in Abobe and occupied between 200 d. C. and 1400 d. C.

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