• Transfer in / out airport
  • All entrance tickets
  • Trip to uros, taquile and amantani
  • 01 looging night (regular hotel), breakfast included
  • 01 accommodation night in Amantaní’s family house
  • 02 lunch and 01 dinner included
  • Viventials activities
  • Proffesional turism guide
  • Permanent assistance


Transfer from the Inca Manco Capac Airport in Juliaca to the hotel located in the city of Puno, it will take about one hour.
Pick up from the hotel and transfer to Puno’s port (07:30 hrs) At 08:45 hrs we will arrive at the first floating island where there will be a demonstration of daily living in the community, in there we find an ethnic group that arrived in Puno 3700 years ago according to National Geographic, they survived thanks to their ability to live among the totorales, until today with the custom of gatherers and fishermen, they live on 100 islands and approximately two thousand people are living there. During the tour, two islands are visited, the first is the most traditional, where the natives will show you how they built them, their daily life and their houses. They will offer to take photos dressed in their typical costumes and show their crafts characterized by the embroidery and basketry on reeds, the Uros people will offer you a ride on rafts made of reeds that will be a means of transport to the second island, from those who wish to do so. We will arrive at Amantani, where we enter paths full of crops, with people in colorful suits who greet us until we reach the houses of the community members who will host us, on the most energetic island in the lake according to the comments of the groups of mystics travelers who visit it, proof of this is the millennial ceremonial center PACHA TATA and PACHA MAMA that has millenary constructions for rituals that are performed only once a year due to its importance, they make us a presentation of their culture, agricultural products, costumers of celebration, ancient agricultural utensil and the daily use of them. We share lunch with the host family. We will ascend to Pacha Tata with a height of 4100 masl, it is the main mystical ceremonial center of Titicaca, there we wait for the impressive sunset in the immensity of Titicaca, we descend, we share dinner, optionally you can request a mystical session as leaf reading of coca or attend a festive gathering with traditional and live music where visitors can dance dressed in typical costumes.
Early in the morning, we will go to Taquile, where upon arrival we start our walk surrounded by cultivated land, with awesome landscapes among the colorful costumes, the immense lake, and as a background the snow-capped mountains of the Illimani, we arrive at the house of a local family where we will have a representation of handicrafts. Taquile has been recognized by UNESCO as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE for the textiles they present, with iconographies that represent their customs, calendars, festivities, etc. Lunch is shared with the natives accompanied by dances and traditional music, they lend them colorful costumes for a photographic session and they introduce them to how they live daily, we return to the port of Puno. Arrive at the port of Puno, to be transferred to the respective hotel. At the indicated time transfer to Puno airport (Left Puno on the last flight) *END OF OUR SERVICES*


Food not mentioned
Additional Expenses
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Pretty Lima
- Full day


En la capital del Perú encontrarás arte, historia, colores y deliciosos sabores. En este especial full day apreciaremos las famosas ruinas de Pachacamac la cual fue el principal centro ceremonial de la costa peruana desde tiempos anteriores a los incas, posteriormente apreciaremos el show de caballo de paso peruano, donde se demuestran las cualidades y bondades del caballo peruano.
Observaremos sus famosos parques y monumentos y no olvidemos el parque de la reserva de Lima, donde podrán apreciar y disfrutar del circuito mágico del agua que comprende de 13 fuentes de luz y color.

- (Español) FULL DAY


Join us on a cultural tour, learning about the history of Lima Downtown, enrich your knowledge in Larco Museum and get to know the most beautiful landscapes of Miraflores.



A place with history, culture and gastronomy that captivates all adventurers..