• Private tourist transport (round trip) with current SOAT, professional drivers with national authorization.
  • Specialized guides for each place to visit.
  • First aid kit.
  • Admission procedures to the Real Felipe Fortress
  • Permanent and personalized attention of the agency
  • CD with photographs of the visit

IMPORTANT NOTE: At Super Tours Peru, we have all the biosafety protocols approved by Minsa so that you can enjoy your journey safely.

Half Day

Visitors are gathered to be directed to the Fortaleza Real Felipe. Arrival at the Museo Fortaleza Real Felipe, known as an irregular pentagon. The fortress fulfilled its role as a defender of the coast. He stood firm on his feet against the threats and attacks of the most famous and feared pirates and corsairs of the time, and later, he was the scene of events that marked the course of the history of Peru and America. Fortress converted into an Army museum, tourist attraction and historical monument of our country. In the last two years, multiple restorations and inaugurations of new stages within the route have been carried out. Then we arrive at the district of La Punta, where we will start a pedestrian tour. La Punta treasures beautiful sceneries: the resort maintains the architectural legacy of the Italian immigrants who arrived in the shores of Callao and, thus, a stately beauty suspended in time. Return to the meeting point.

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