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In Divercity children will play to be great and in this way they will learn to participate in a society, work as a team, follow and respect the rules.

  • Attractions in Divercity

Gas Distribution Agency – Solgas. Make sure the proper functioning of several of the services of the city delivering gas!

  • Aviation and pilot school.

You can also fly daily to your favorite destination and have a whole travel experience. ”

  • General fire department.


We begin the visit with guides from the farm, who will provide us with the information we will start with the various activities, through the area of ??the Biohuerto, and then enter the sector of the Tinglado where we will realize our Art workshop: where we will decorate our pot according to our creativity and then we will plant our seed and we will feed it with fertilizer. This will be a beautiful job to take home, we will also carry out a recycling workshop, here we will learn how to take care of our environment. The tour continues through our interactive small farm where you can feed our animals you will meet an Avestrúz, dairy cows, bulls, calves, alpacas, lambs, lambs, hens, guinea pigs, burritos, horses. We will continue through the fruit orchard where children will have the opportunity to interact with the animals. At the end of the small farm the children walk on pony and then board a train that will return us to the beginning.


We aim to show the culture of nature through activities and workshops, where the child and the student participates in an interactive way. The child who overcomes his anxiety of touching a worm and gives it a name, has become fond of the worm. And he is interested in the environment that sustains the life of the worm. Not only for scientific reasons but for personal reasons. Now he knows the worm and wants it to survive. If we talk to a child in primary school about global warming, habitat destruction, pollution of rivers and seas, climate change, etc. of these complex issues, we run the risk of frightening them and filling them with fear and indifference. We must connect the little ones, first through joyful experiments, experiential and as simple as possible. We are a country with tremendous biodiversity, but we prepare future citizens who have sensitivity and knowledge towards nature, we do not pretend that they care and learn to value what is ours.


Educational workshops are held with children, where they develop their creative part through paintings in trupan, drawing, crafts, minicheff workshops, swimming workshop, theater workshop, coach workshop and self-esteem, etc.